Plan de uso y manejo de suelos


It is public knowledge the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay began working time plans for soil conservation in view of large erosion problems were observed ago. These problems arose from boom agriculture that began in our country a few years ago, which led to the intensification of land use, considering continuous cropping rotations and moving into non-traditional areas for this type of production.

To address these problems, the MGAP, through the General Directorate of Renewable Natural Resources whose director is the Ing. Agr. Mariana Hill, regulate the use and soil management in order to reduce erosion. For this is carried forward Use Plan and Land Management.

How will the Plan Land Use and Management

The maximum of this plan would produce according to the capacity of the land sustainably, making it a tool for the conservation of this resource.

In the practical part, in future, every owner of a field must submit a Plan of Land Use and Management, prepared by an agronomist, containing: soil mapping, ability to use different mapping units I argue for a sustainable rotation for each unit.

The tolerance that manages how acceptable loss is approximately 7 ton/ha soil lost per year as measured by the Universal Soil Loss Equation, which was calibrated for our country.


The Use Plan and Land Management, which has been working for some time, have a pilot stage in 2011, performing an evaluation and adjustment between May and September, ending with the publication of the final instruction in the month of October. The idea is that in 2012 and be operational, at least for some regions.

In the pilot phase the registered companies must submit plans in writing, but it is claimed that when the plan comes out, this procedure is performed digitally and can submit the online plan via internet as well as make changes to the plan when necessary without loss of time.

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