Agricultural technology is moving forward faster every day, causing the appearance of new handling practices, new agrochemical molecules, new seed varieties, new transgenic events. These are opportunities to make every dollar invested, more efficient, using the resources in the most adequate way achieving a larger performance potential. This is a synonymous of increasing your profitability.

For these reasons it is important for your company to have agricultural assessment provided by technical advisors that are up-to-date with the latest available technologies.

Services for agriculture:

  • Survey and characterization of soils (nutrients, soil type, uses, horizons).
  • Creation of production proyects.
  • Planning and follow-up of crops and seed.
  • Insurance of crops or rotations.
  • Purchase and budgeting of inputs.
  • Integrated handling of plagues, weeds and diseases.
  • Sowing control.
  • Crop control.
  • Marketing plan (price coverage).
  • General Management for agricultural companies.
  • Technical training.
  • Usage plans, soil handling according to MGAP legislation.
  • Irrigation design and management.