Why having agricultural advisors?

Because the technical advisor service is not a loss but a good investment, and the most efficient input for the increase of productivity.

Also, it is the way to obtain the largest profit margin for your company. This we do by assigning the company resources to the activity where they have a better productivity.

It is therefore, the cheapest input.

Why Cuatro Hojas?

Because we believe the most important thing is to listen to our customers to know what they are looking for, which are their objectives, and how they want to achieve them.

Because it is a company, formed by experienced, dynamic, updated and proactive professionals. Being ethics and transparency the fundamental pillars from which our services are grounded.

Is it necessary to hire your services for the entire crop cycles or can I hire you for a single technical visit?

Yes, it is possible to hire us for a single visit; however, we believe that it is convenient to have a first approach to the problems we will be facing, and plan the visit to make it more efficient.

In spite of the fact that this service can work well for some agricultural systems, we believe that permanent, technical and integral advisory allows us to have a better understanding of your productive system, necessary to find the solutions that best adapt to your company.

Why investing in the Agricultural Sector in Uruguay?

Uruguay is located in a strategic point in South America, between Argentina and Brazil (200 million consumers),with whom it is associated commercially by the MERCOSUR treaty.

In spite of its small size (166215 Km2), it has natural resources which can give place to a variety of profitable agricultural businesses. Also, it is a country lacking of extreme climate conditions or big natural disasters.

It is also a country with clear and stable government policies, with strong and transparent judicial and institutional systems.